In the splendid setting of a villa immersed in greens, not too far from Corso di Francia, Tête-à-Tête turns your dreams into reality, creating an evening not only exclusive but unforgettable.

The park, the pool, and the villa are situated in a harmonious ambiance where the noise of the city does not exist, leaving you in a place of utter tranquillity and romance in the midst of beautiful flowers, trees and other greens.

The menu varies by season but we always offer the freshest of products and first quality foods. In the same manner, we decorate the table in first class style. In fact, these excellent, first class qualities are the characteristics that make up Tête-à-Tête.

For your unforgettable dinner, several types of wine and delicious traditional dishes from French, Chinese, Japanese, and Arabian kitchens. Upon making your reservation, you will be able to create your personalized menu.

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